The Johnson City Recreational Wrestling Club was formed to advance and support wrestling at all levels and styles in the Johnson City Community.  We have commanded a tradition of excellence and domination throughout our section and state.  We clearly understand that our many successes have  come through the continued support from our dedicated families, our school district, our community, our village leaders, and the strength of the Johnson City pee-wee wrestling program.  We are grateful for the continued support of our athletes!

You can reach us at:
181 Harrison St
Johnson City, NY  13790

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2016-2017 Wrestling Club Board:
About Us:
President: Tom Reed

Vice President: Debbie Palmer

Vice President: Jessica Dean

Concession: Sean McCormick

Treasurer: Tina Bidwell

Secretary: Nikki Rigal

Pee-wee Coach: Cork Armstrong

Varsity Coach: Jordan Glenn